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12/12/09 11:47 AM #4    


Carol Hodes

Well, we've hit 45 members and that's great for the first 36 hours. Hope you all will tell other classmates to join whether or not they are interested in attending the reunion. We really need to account for all classmates in one way or another. If you have any contact information, please share it with us so we can follow up. Carol

12/12/09 01:02 PM #5    

Susan Kleiner

Great response so far!

12/12/09 09:26 PM #6    

Norene Coll (Buckstine)

Great Website good job!

12/13/09 09:46 PM #7    

Allyn St. Lifer (Kooris)

The website looks great. Thanks to all of you who took the lead in getting this together!

12/13/09 09:50 PM #8    

Melissa Bachrach

Wow! I just went to the message forum page and found all of these great comments.
It's so great to see you all here.

12/23/09 06:12 PM #9    

James Fitzgerald

I sent an invite to Bernard Perman, m.d. I hope he gets it, is the right person and and responds to you!!

12/24/09 01:01 PM #10    


Roberta Murchison

Thank you, Jim. We appreciate everyone who can reach out to classmates to join us here and to give everyone opportunity to come to the reunion. Happy Holidays to all!!

01/08/10 04:15 AM #11    

Robert Shindler

Come on youse guys, lets get this going, find those missing guys and get them to sign in.

01/09/10 04:03 PM #12    

Susan Kleiner

We're working hard and why are you up so early???

01/29/10 10:42 PM #13    

Mindy Feuerstein (Davis)

Hello to all of you, can't believe it has been 40 years, to those missing links, i have found Francine Ship,and gave her the info for this terrific web site, hope she responds and Debra Seagull lives in upsatate NY outside of New Paltz.

Hope this is helpful and lets all be in touch


02/01/10 11:33 PM #14    

Bonnie Greer (Chlowitz)

Mindy, does Francine Ship live in Ca.?

04/01/10 08:57 AM #15    

Arnold Gerst

The website looks great! I can't believe 40 years have gone by. Since I live in Livingston, N.J. I hope to
get to the reunion. Arnold Gerst

04/29/10 06:29 PM #16    

Susan Kleiner

Hi everyone!!

Just click "yes" that you are attending the reunion so we can get a an idea of how many will be attending.  So far, we are up to 18!!!  Keep the responses coming!!!!!!!!!!


04/30/10 06:40 PM #17    


Roberta Murchison

We are so happy to see that well over half the class has signed onto this site and that many of you are now sharing your intentions on attending the reunion. It's fun to watch as the list grows!
I would like to ask that you click the link at the left for "missing classmates" and check that list. These are people we have not been able to contact/invite as we have no information for them. If anyone has information could you send it to one of the committee members or ask the "missing classmate" to sign on or contact us. We would hope to contact everyone and give all an opportunity to be included.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at your reunion.

10/11/10 08:37 PM #18    


Mitchell Goldberg

 Wow, what a night.  It's Monday afternoon and I'm still buzzing from the experience.

It was a wonderful surprise and incredibly profound to feel so connected to so many of you old friends and acquaintances, even though so many years have passed.  It went beyond just shared memories.  We shared lives together and that feeling was deeper and richer than I had expected.   I felt like I was in the middle of a vast extended family all of whom had endured much together, been scattered to the winds, and had now returned - not only to show that we had survived in our journeys but often thrived.  So many stories that somehow I felt a part of.  Even as I forget the details of all your stories (that happens quicker these days), the smile of the contact remains.
There's so much more to say, but for now I feel moved and just want to wish everyone happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.
Till we meet again!

Mitchell Goldberg 

10/11/10 10:33 PM #19    

Robin Geiger (Claire)

Thanks all, for posting the pictures!! Gail (Poznanski) and I had a very fun phone conversation figuring out, or trying to at least, who belonged to all the smiling faces -

best wishes everyone,

robin claire (geiger)


10/13/10 08:23 AM #20    

Vic (Sarokin) Harrison


Sorry to have missed the party.  But, I was in the midst of a life-changing experience of my own on Saturday.  I gave notice at work and announced my new position here in FL (I'm in Orlando for the day today meeting what will be, in a couple of weeks, my new staff.) Too many loose ends and important calls to attend to last Saturday to have comfortably made the 6 hour trip to NJ and then back to VA on Sunday.  Here's an announcement from yesterday's online newsletter, if you're interested: 

I loved the pics and I'll make every effort to keep up with you all and attend the next one. I worked with Ted Ramos a bit on the music for the event so, maybe, I was there in spirit

Vic (Sarokin) Harrison

10/13/10 01:28 PM #21    


Carol Hodes

We missed you, Vic, but congratulations on the new gig with Penn National Gaming.  Nice to see a contemporary getting a good gig!

11/04/10 09:20 AM #22    


Keith Prussing

check out:    Joel's daughter is nominated for 3 Grammy's.

11/21/10 11:24 PM #23    


Roberta Murchison

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

09/12/12 10:11 PM #24    


Roberta Murchison

Hope everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to a pleasant fall and holidays.  Although we aren't likely to share birthday cake this year, thank you everyone for making suggestions, offering to host the party, offering to help, happy 60th to all of us!



06/29/20 12:26 PM #25    


Roberta Murchison

Happy 50 year anniversary of our June 18, 1970, graduation!
Hope to see you all next year October 9, 2021, to celebrate!

01/31/21 04:24 PM #26    


Carol Hodes

Snowy day in New Jersey [January 31, 2021].  Thought I'd check in to see how everyone is doing!  Now that a lot of states are offering Covid19 vaccinations for 65 and up, hopefully, many of us are getting them.  Got my first "jab" on Friday, January 29 and return for second shot [Moderna] in four weeks.  Be safe & well, dear JDRHS classmates!  -- Carol Hodes

03/26/21 10:18 AM #27    


Roberta Murchison

So sorry to say that Meir Niederman has passed.
Meir H. Niederman, 68, of Florham Park, New Jersey, passed away on Sunday, March 21, 2021 at home, surrounded by family, after a courageous battle with cancer. Meir was born in Bersheva, Israel on August 2, 1952, and he grew up in Newark and Springfield, New Jersey. Meir leaves behind his beloved wife, Sylvia, his parents, Naomi and Asher Niederman, his two children, Bryan and Brett Niederman, and his grandson, Asher Niederman. Meir also leaves behind his brother Arie and sister-in-law Terri Niederman, his niece Jaime Gold, and his nephew Eric Niederman. Meir was a dedicated salesman in the trucking industry, but more importantly, a dedicated and loyal friend to many. Meir had a special way of putting a smile on the faces and touching the hearts of anyone who came into contact with him. Meir loved so deeply, and in return was loved by all.

There will be a graveside service for Meir on Tuesday, March 23 at 11am at B’nai Abraham Memorial Park 2600 US-22 East, Union, NJ.

03/30/21 06:21 PM #28    

David Stromeyer

It's sad to read about Meir. He came to our class later in the game, and yet he made his mark. He was a great guy; I will remember him fondly.

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